Tuesday, February 2, 2010

And... happy feelings gone.

Fresh out of the washing machine- my hopelessly snarled long eighths of fabric. It took me about a half an hour to disentangle it.

Anna had a good time. She likes to play with the clumps of thread I cut away from the knots.

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Does anyone have any suggestions for keeping my fabric from knotting in the washing machine?


  1. Oh yes, several things. sew or serge the edges together - this sometimes also helps with keeping it on grain. (sometimes I do this sometimes not)

    put just two to 3 strips in a laundry bag (I make these from 12 x 12 inches up to pillowcase size - one can use old zippers and old lace curtins or lace fabric or the tee /sport shirt fabric that is nylon like with holes) there is still some tangling in the bag-- but not as bad as a whole loose machine full.

    some people use old pillowcases and tie the top.

    HTH - best wishes.

  2. I use mesh laundry bags, but I have removed the cord and adjust the size by folding closed and fastening with 3 or 4 baby diaper pins.

    Also, when you use a top load washer things get more tangled than with a front loader. When I was my curtains, drapes etc. I use the mesh bag, but usually go to the laundrymat and use the front loader washer.

  3. Ahaha! Is that quote from "Finding Nemo?"

  4. You could also cut the ends with pinking shears (zig zag scissors). Then they won't fray like that.....

  5. Thank you for all of your suggestions! I will be pulling all of these comments back next time I'm washing a huge load of eighths. And, yes, it is from Nemo :).

  6. LOL Nice reference to Nemo that was really funny! btw, cute stuff!!!